With the wearing of face masks now compulsory, enforced from July 24th, and people having to wear them (unless exempt) in shops and public transport for the foreseeable future, the question must now be asked… how can we comply without compromising on style?

Coordination can be tricky but with a little bit of thought, you could easily elevate your masked-up look, creating something surprisingly chic in the process.

Firstly, if you wear a lot of prints and patterns, going for a fabric mask in something plain will make it easier for you to complete your look without having to worry about clashing. And if you wear darker clothes and want to jazz them up a little, invest in a series of masks in bright colours to really bring your outfits to life.

You could even really doll up properly with something in silk or satin, perfect for more formal affairs where you may still need to don a mask from time to time.

But keeping your face masks simple is potentially the key to always ensuring that you look stylish whenever you step out of the house, no matter where you’re going. Opt for something in a classic stripe, for example, as this will go with most of your clothes and is ideal for summer… especially if you love a Breton top or two.

Invest in a set of different masks so you can mix and match, and play around with a few different looks until you’re happy with your new style. Given that we’re going to have to wear masks for quite some time, it seems, why not embrace it and really make it part of how you dress yourself in 2020?

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