It is far from surprising that 2020 has been a unique year for fashion. With so many events scaled back or cancelled due to the ongoing circumstances, the year’s trends have been about comfort and stylish casual wear as much as elegance.

Going into Autumn, however, some certain fashions and trends are so immortal that they are going to stay around through the season and beyond. Here are just three of our favourite autumn fashion trends.

Collecting the Checked

A classic autumn favourite, checked styles of all kinds are an almost effortless fashion to add to your wardrobe, just as easy to wear as a scarf as they are a blazer, a dress or as a skirt.

Along with just how versatile checks are to fit into any kind of look, there are a huge number of different patterns that can be used, from tartans to classic gingham, and even clashed with each other.

All Red Everything

The brightest of the primary colours, fire engine red has proved, according to Stylist, to be the definitive colour of the season.

Whether it’s the sheer striking nature of it or the rather dangerous and risky nature of such a bold look, sequinned red prom dresses have become a catwalk favourite, and every major designer is offering a take on such a bold statement look.

Blazing a Trail

Suited fashion is eternally going to fit into any look, but across autumn catwalks, the classic skirt suit is being given extra structure with the addition of a belted blazer to add a powerful statement to a classic look

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