Everyone loves a good horoscope, but have you ever wondered what your POWER COLOUR is?

Every zodiac sign has a different one, and it’s believed that once you incorporate these colours into your life, positive things will come your way!

Surrounded by gorgeous gowns, we were thinking why not start with an evening gown?! If you’ve got a special event coming up, it’s got to be worth a try!


RED stirs your soul and enhances your passion, energy & initiative. Aries’ ruling planet, Mars, is known as “The Red Planet.” The more shades of red you surround yourself with, the greater your natural powers will be!


FRESH GREEN nurtures your spirit and reinforces your connection to nature and growth.


Yellow lifts your spirit and triggers happy thoughts. This colour also enhances your mental power and focus.


Silver increases Cancer’s intuition, sensitivity and understanding, allowing love to flow at its deepest level.


Gold empowers your warm heart and strengthens your positive spirit. This bold colour also reflects your optimistic outlook on life.


Bronze keeps Virgo grounded and focused on continuous growth and self-improvement. Bronze represents stability, which Virgo, as an Earth sign, has in spades. 


There’s nothing a Libra appreciates more than beautiful things. A Libra strives to create beautiful things, whilst finding real pleasure and joy in what they find beautiful. As beauty comes in many forms, this could be anything from a place to a prom dress!

With this in mind, there is no colour that shouts BEAUTY louder than pink. A serene, pale pink is the epitome of elegance.  This hue exudes affection and approachability, bringing a calming yet playful presence to Libra’s personality


Like this colour (or absence of it), Scorpios can be mysterious and intimidating well as formal and confident. Black is often associated with death and rebirth, enhancing Scorpio’s strength of letting go and its ability to transform itself. While intense, black is always flattering and easy to play with. While other signs may see black as too formal or even restrictive, Scorpio looks beyond to see a BOLD canvas that’s ready to decorate!


Exuding wisdom and creativity, purple speaks to the soul of a Sagittarius person. Magical purple opens a Sagittarius’ philosophical mind, encouraging openness and even luck. Shades such as plum and lavender may not seem appealing at first, but once the dress is on there’s no looking back! 


A strong and yet neutral colour, charcoal grey enhances Capricorn’s solidity, reliability, and traditionalism. A combination of two extremes — white and black — charcoal grey increases the conservative nature of Capricorn and its no-nonsense approach to life.


Calming blue helps encourage Aquarius’ brilliant ideas and balance its restless energy. Just like the sky and the waters Aquarius is so closely connected to, blue represents vastness and creates a smooth flow of ideas, conversation, and experimentation. Fun fact: Uranus — Aquarius’ ruling planet — is also blue!


Perfectly pale green brings about healing and renewal and connects Pisces with its subconscious. As the colour of life, light green represents renewal and inspiration, encouraging the healing and rejuvenating energies that Pisces is known for.

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