The coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown measures have meant many of us have been working from home with little motivation or need to dress up formally for work, begrudgingly putting on ‘outdoor’ clothes for a trip to the supermarket when you really have to.

It’s not like you need to dress up like a Russian supermodel if you’re ready for a change from the WFH PJs, sweat pants, leggings and baggy shirts, but you can combine both style and comfort for the autumn season.

We have some fashion tips that don’t include wearing your pyjamas all day.

To begin with, you really don’t need an entirely new wardrobe, so don’t overspend on clothes, and check out the everyday wear you already have, like t-shirts, leggings, and jeans.

It’s best not to spend too much on trendy clothes and labels when you’re looking to refresh your wardrobe. Save your money for the clothes you’re going to be able to wear for years to come.

A good investment would be in a new pair of trainers, denim jeans, or a jumpsuit, ideal for autumn with the fluctuating temperatures, and weather that can change from hour to hour.

Also, avoid shopping for new clothes with starchy and stiff fabrics such as skinny jeans or other synthetic or heavy materials, as they won’t provide any comfort. 

Instead, look for natural, comforting fibres and materials, such as knitted fabrics like cardigan sweater, fleecy sweatsuits, and cotton jumpsuits.

Develop your autumn look so you can ensure you’re comfortable and stylish whether you’re on a Zoom meeting at home, or taking a walk around the park.

There will be an opportunity to dress up and look fabulous soon, so if you’re looking for ladies evening jackets and shrugs, visit our online store today.

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