Opening Times


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Due to staff shortages we are having to restrict our opening times.  Please do email and call in advance to check if we are here.  Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays we are always in but for other days please enquire.  During Half Term weeks we will be open more days but again please ask and we will be able to advise.

We would strongly advise anyone wishing to come in and see us please book using our online booking system or email us.

It's always a good idea to message us at or leave a message on the phone as this will be passed to us via an email message.

 To make an appointment please call 01326 376486 or email us at or message us on Facebook/Instagram etc or click here and it will take you to our booking form.


 We are open 4 days a week from 24th July until the 27th August due to staff shortages

Monday - 10 till 5

Tuesday - 10 till 5

Wednesday - closed

Thursday - closed

Friday - closed

Saturday - 10 till 5

Sunday - closed

Please remember you must book before arriving due to the current covid restrictions and staff shortages