When it comes to fashion, the rules are often very subjective and made to be broken, but there’s generally one particular style that most agree should never be attempted… and that’s wearing socks with sandals.

However, this somewhat contentious look has just been showcased at London Fashion Week by none other than David Beckham, so the question must now be asked – are socks and sandals actually fashionable and should we all be wearing them?

Dave showed up at Victoria Beckham’s SS21 presentation in a monochrome palette and black sliders with white socks, hitting the headlines as a result.

And his wife didn’t seem to mind that he put in an appearance at her big show thusly dressed, which is even more proof positive that socks and sandals are no longer the fashion faux pas they once were.

Of course, as we’re heading into winter, this may not be a look to try out over the next few months and you may want to wait until spring, by which time they will probably have fallen out of favour once again.

If you are absolutely wedded to the idea of giving it a go, however, keep it simple and smart, much like David has done with a black and white colour palette. You can, of course, go for a pop of colour with a bright red sock but if you go down this route, make sure you pare your sandals back to keep it looking stylish and not over the top. Good luck!

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