From pastel pistachio hues to rich forest tones, green is one of the most sophisticated, striking and elegant colours. Despite this, green has been overlooked and misunderstood time and time again.

People commonly admit that popular fictional “monsters” such as Shrek, the Grinch and the Wicked Witch of The West have ruined their perception of the colour. The possibility of negative and/or comical connotations have knocked their confidence, and so they avoid it altogether.

In a shock twist this year, green appears to have captured the hearts of major fashion houses from Lacoste to Prada. As always, influencers, fashion bloggers, brands, clothing retailers and celebrities are already obsessed with this exciting new colour trend.

So, why now? Here are our thoughts…

Reconnecting with Nature

It’s been a strange year, to say the least. From Australia’s devastating bushfires to (dare I say it?) Coronavirus, many of us have felt disconnected from the “real” world for a while now. Earlier in the year, exercising once per day pushed us to make the most of our time outside, exploring areas and routes that we didn’t consider or have time to before. In addition, those lucky enough to have gardens appeared to develop a newfound appreciation for flora and fauna.

With this in mind, it is no great surprise that the colour experts at Dulux named “Tranquil Dawn” (a cool tone of green) their Colour of the Year 2020. They explained that this peaceful hue offers an antidote to an “increasingly disconnected” modern society, as well as “embodying the nation’s mood on the approach of a new decade”.

Fashion Week Approved

It’s no secret that green in all of its forms is IN. This versatile colour trend featured heavily on the runway during fashion week, including THAT Versace dress and THAT Lacoste suit worn by Bella Hadid. From Valentino to Versace, it was crystal clear that designers could not get enough of green!

Off the runway, designs from these collections quickly made their way into popular music videos. If you’ve seen the new and trending video for DJ Khaled and Drake’s song “POPSTAR”, you’ll have also seen Justin Bieber in a VERY green printed set from Versace’s Flash ’21 collection.

As well as celebrities and designers, stylish show-goers were quick to catch on and get creative:

After days of monitoring the stylish behaviours of Milan’s impeccably dressed show-goers, we’re declaring green the official colour of the season”

2020 catwalk shows were awash with green shades. Major fashion houses such as Gucci, Lacoste, MSGM, Prada, Balmain and Versace all had their models dresses in head to toe green – of all shades and tones.”

– Refinery29

Red Carpet Ready

Harpers Bazaar announced that green was the first unexpected colour trend prediction of 2020, as one colour seemed to dominate the red carpet almost immediately.

Lupita Nyong’o, Rachel Brosnahan, Lizzo and Kristen Bell have all chosen the unexpected and bold hue for appearances.”

Closer to home, Love Island’s Lucie Donlan and co-star Anna Vakili glammed up in green for this year’s National Television Awards. As a local Cornish girl herself, we had a lovely surprise when Lucie popped into our Penryn store and purchased that very dress! 

Go Green!

During what continues to be quite an uncertain and gloomy year, these newly trending shades of bold and bright green feel somewhat symbolic of optimism and change.

Whether you go for olive, pistachio, pine or lime, you’re guaranteed to transition into Autumn in style!

Not sure where to begin? Check out some of our gorgeous green gowns below!

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