It is an interesting time for prom dresses, wedding dresses and all kinds of party dress, and we are seeing new and unique styles that combine class, flash and comfort.

Wedding dresses in the UK, in particular, are seeing some particularly interesting styles, as the current limitations on wedding attendance are causing many brides-to-be to scale down their weddings rather than postpone them.

As such, wedding dresses have also changed, with “off the rack” wedding dresses gaining in popularity over the traditional wedding dress.

Deciding which dress is right for you depends a lot on the type of wedding you are going for. This can generally be divided into “ready to wear” and “traditional” dresses, although it must be said that this is about where and how you buy it rather than necessarily different styles.

Traditional Wedding Dresses

Traditional wedding dresses are dresses you buy at a dressmaker or bridal shop. Choosing the dress is an event in itself, and usually is organised by appointment.

From there you try on dresses you like and that suit you, before alterations, accessories and veils are added. It is a personalised, albeit expensive experience.

If you are after a traditional and full wedding experience and you have the time before your big day, this may be for you.

Ready To Wear Dresses

A trend that has become increasingly popular is purchasing dresses that are “ready to wear” or “off the rack”. These are dresses that you buy like any other clothing item; choose your size and your style and order away.

The advantages here are a matter of cost and convenience. Many online and offline ready to wear dresses are significantly less expensive than a traditional wedding dress, and alterations, accessories and veils can also be bought this way.

It also leaves room for new looks and colours that may not be a part of traditional bridalwear, which is ideal if your ceremony is also non-traditional.

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