From lunch dates full of planning to the big day itself, bridesmaid life is exciting!

Now that you’ve come across this post, you’re going to be the bride’s favourite as we’ve found the MOST popular Bridesmaid dress colours for 2021 + different styles to consider – all available here at Cargo Clothing!

You can thank us later!

Navy Blue

An incredibly versatile colour, Navy is a great choice for casual and formal weddings alike. Like black warmed up, this popular blue hue complements all skin tones and seasonal themes.

This colour also matches the grooms’ suit, looking extra coordinated in group photographs. 

Dusty Pink

An all-time classic and a customer favourite, Dusty Pink adds an extra dash of fun, feminine energy to weddings and wedding photos! Like Navy, this colour succeeds at bringing out the best in all skin tones.

With the main male guests (traditionally) wearing dark coloured suits, Dusty Pink creates a striking contrast that looks beautiful.

As a unique and very specific shade of pink, bridesmaids can also get away with mismatching dress styles when opting for this shade. 


Grey is an elegant and versatile choice for modern and minimal weddings. In a silver tone and/or shimmering fabric, this shade can be worn to add a dash of festive sparkle to a winter wedding.

Grey can be thought of as the ultimate balance between black and white, and therefore an unbiased colour that works well with most palettes and schemes.

Champagne Gold

Of all the times to bring out the gold, your wedding day is it. Your girls deserve their own (mini) spotlight for the day, and with white out of bounds, champagne gold is a great way to do it!

This shade is particularly gorgeous during the summer months when golden glows are everywhere in the form of sunbeams, highlights and fresh tans!

Light Blue

Though there are many shades of blue, light blue is particularly popular in springtime as it reminds us of clearing skies and longer, brighter days.

Similarly, light blue is a tranquil shade that symbolises peace and harmony.

Vivid and fresh, this shade is striking in photographs, contrasting beautifully against the bride’s glowing white gown. 

Forest Green

Symbolising growth, balance, harmony and health, green is perfect for new beginnings, and what is a wedding day if not a new beginning?!

Undoubtedly one of the most sophisticated, striking and elegant colours, Elizabeth Taylor herself opted for a forest green gown on her wedding day!

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