If you’re a woman, then you’ve probably heard that you’re also…

a fruit.

For those of you scratching your heads, certain fruits are commonly used to represent female body types – but what do they actually mean?

We don’t think that any of you actually resemble apples or bananas, however, we have noticed that our customers find browsing much easier once we discuss “shapes”.

With no two dresses (or people) the same, it’s really important to understand what different dresses can offer you.

Finding which shape you relate to most can speed up your search, as well as eliminate any style that isn’t going to completely and utterly celebrate YOU!

Below, we’ll explain the most common “shapes”, as well as styles you may wish to consider.


Celebrity examples: Christina Hendricks, Sofia Vergara, Kim Kardashian

Most women believe that to “qualify” for an hourglass figure, you have to be a specific weight and/or height.

This is false! You do not need to look like Kim Kardashian!

Hourglass is actually one of the most common body types!

The characteristics of an Hourglass are:

  • Your waist is your smallest point and well defined
  • Your hips and shoulders are nearly equal in size
  • You likely have curvaceous assets such as a fuller bust
  • You’d describe yourself as “curvy”


A “mermaid” or “fishtail” gown. This style will emphasise your natural shape perfectly, highlighting your waist and smoothing your curves for that classic Hollywood look

A fitted dress with any sort of tie or belt around the waist, Google “Joan Holloway Mad Men” and thank us later
Something with a sweetheart neckline. This keeps you looking balanced and compliments those fuller areas


Some styles we recommend are: Navy Lace Fishtail Dress by Mascara Collection, Silver Mermaid Gown by Jessica Stuart and Black Fishtail Dress by Elle Zeitoune
Some styles we recommend are: Navy Lace Fishtail Dress by Mascara Collection, Silver Mermaid Gown by Jessica Stuart and Black Fishtail Dress by Elle Zeitoune


  • Baggy or oversized clothes – these will bury your figure, making you appear larger and less shapely than you are
  • Dresses with straight lines or boxy cuts – they will completely hide your shape
  • Adding weight to your hips, shoulders and bust, as they are already perfectly balanced


Celebrity examples: Melissa Mccarthy, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Rebel Wilson

Many women assume that because they are self-conscious of their tummy, they must be Apple/Oval. Again, this is false!

The characteristics of an Apple/Oval are:

  • Your largest measurement is your middle OR you find that when you gain weight it goes mostly to your tummy
  • You have a sloping or rounded shoulder line
  • Your bum curves downwards slightly towards to hips, balancing with the shoulder to create an “oval”
  • You don’t gain weight on your arms and legs easily


  • Dresses with lots of detailing or embellishments on the upper-body This will draw attention away from the middle of the body
  • Dresses with deep v-necks or empire tops
  • Sleeveless dresses or dresses with thin straps, to highlight the arms
  • Shorter/side split skirts to celebrate those legs and add the illusion of a longer body
  • Vertical stripes, for a balanced look

Some styles we recommend are: Silver Beaded Neck Dress by Mascara Collection, Strapless Tiered Tulle Dress by Mascara Collection, Platinum Sequin Sleeved Cocktail Dress by MascaraCollection


  • Dresses with bright colours or patterns focused in the centre
  • Horizontal stripes – they will draw attention to the largest parts of your body, making them appear larger than they are


Celebrity examples: Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna

The Pear/Triangle is another curvaceous shape that many women assume is undesirable, and yet, they share the same body shape as Beyonce!

The name is compared to these shapes simply because the narrowest point is at the top – so please don’t imagine yourself as an actual pear!

The characteristics of a Pear/Triangle are:

  • Having a smaller bust
  • Carrying weight on your thighs and bum, with wide hips
  • Narrow shoulders
  • Like an hourglass; you have a clearly defined waist


  • Dresses with more volume, shape or pattern at the top. This will even out the upper-body and draw attention away from the lower body
  • Skirts with a darker shade than the top
  • Drawing attention to the shoulders. Try strapless, cold-shoulder, off the shoulder, single shoulder, puffed and padded shoulder dresses! Also try tops with patterns, ruffles, embroidery and embellishments
  • Opt for deep, eye-catching necklines and accessorise with necklaces and earrings

Some styles we recommend are: Jewelled Pocket Satin Dress by Mascara Collection, Monroe Lace off the Shoulder Dress by Elle Zeitoune, Silver Beaded Tulle Dress by Mascara Collection


  1. Styles that draw attention to the hip area, especially if the fabric is thick and/or bright in colour
  2. Oversized dresses. They will make your body look bigger than it is

Inverted Triangle

Celebrity examples: Naomi Campbell, Demi Moore, Angelina Jolie

The Inverted Triangle is all about shoulders, shoulders, shoulders!

Just imagine an upside-down triangle, where the top is the widest part and the middle is narrow.

When browsing through different styles, please remember that your aim is balance. As you are an inverted triangle, look for dresses that match the characteristics of a regular triangle – larger, brighter or bolder on the bottom, with less attention being drawn upwards.

Characteristics of an Inverted Triangle are:

  • You have straight, square shoulders
  • Your top half appears larger than your bottom half
  • There is little definition between your hips and waist
  • Your shoulders are the widest part of your body


  • Dresses with skirts that are brighter and/or bolder than the top (this will draw attention away from your shoulders and chest)
  • Dresses with tiered skirts. Think ruffles and layers
  • Dresses that show off your legs. Try a skirt with a side split
  • Dresses with waist definition, for a curvier look

Some styles we recommend are: Lace & Satin Bottle Green Gown by Mascara Collection, Rose Pink Tiered Tulle Net Gown by Mascara Collection, Powder Blue Beaded Cocktail Dress by Mascara Collection


  • Puffed sleeves or shoulder pads
  • Thin spaghetti straps. This will draw all of the attention to the widest part of your body, taking focus away from the rest of your outfit


Celebrity examples: Keira Knightley, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz

Rectangles have a naturally athletic and straight looking shape. This group of people are unusual (and lucky) in the sense that fat is distributed evenly when gaining weight.

Celebrity stylists will disguise any straight lines to create a softer look. If you are a rectangle and desire a more curvaceous shape, these tips will come in handy!

The characteristics of a Rectangle are:

  • Shoulder, hips and waist are all similar in size
  • Little waist definition
  • Straight ribcage
  • Slender arms and legs


  • Dresses with ruching, ties and/or embellishments. They will add dimension and create a more curvaceous look
  • Dresses with low, round necks. They will accentuate your bust and add shape
  • Dresses with horizontal stripes! (Lucky you!)
  • Full, puffy skirts with detailing and/or bright color

Some styles we recommend are: Embellished Tulle & Glitter Gown by Mascara Collection, Plunging Neckline Full Skirt Gown by Jadore Evening,Dusty Rose Tiered Tulle Gown by Mascara Collection


  • Vertical stripes – they can flatten (not flatter!) your figure
  • Square shapes e.g boxy cuts and square necks

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