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Why Green Is Everyone’s New Favourite Colour

Why Green Is Everyone’s New Favourite Colour From pastel pistachio hues to rich forest tones, green is one of the most sophisticated, striking and elegant colours. Despite this, green has been overlooked and misunderstood time and time again. People commonly admit that popular fictional “monsters” such as Shrek, the Grinch and the Wicked Witch of The West have ruined their perception of the colour. The possibility of negative and/or comical connotations have knocked their confidence, and so they avoid it altogether. In a shock twist this year, green appears to... Read More


Top TikTok Fashion Trends Revealed!

It seems that TikTok has taken the world by storm in 2020, with the platform becoming incredibly popular during lockdown as people looked for fun and light entertainment as the global pandemic swept across nations. Therefore, it’s little surprise that what’s been happening on the platform is influencing trends elsewhere, and Marie Claire recently picked out the top fashion trends from TikTok this year. One trend that’s proved highly popular on the platform, for instance, is tie dye, with over two billion creations using the hashtag #tiedye uploaded to TikTok... Read More


Summer Flash Sale 2020

One Week Only! August 10th-August 17th Our summer flash sale is finally here, and we’re offering a generous 40% off dresses* for a limited time only!  To avoid disappointment, we highly recommend that customers planning to shop in-store book with us as soon as possible. Due to current COVID-19 regulations, private shopping appointments for the week are limited and expected to fill up quickly. For customers choosing to shop with us online, grabbing a bargain really couldn’t be easier! There’s no code and no catch – simply add your item... Read More


The Best Dress Styles For Your Body Type

If you’re a woman, then you’ve probably heard that you’re also… a fruit. For those of you scratching your heads, certain fruits are commonly used to represent female body types – but what do they actually mean? We don’t think that any of you actually resemble apples or bananas, however, we have noticed that our customers find browsing much easier once we discuss “shapes”. With no two dresses (or people) the same, it’s really important to understand what different dresses can offer you. Finding which shape you relate to most... Read More

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