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Carol Kirkwood in Diva Mayfair Dress on BBC Breakfast

Another Diva dress wore by Carol on BBC Breakfast.  This time it is the Diva Mayfair dress which Carol wore while she was presenting the weather to us on BBC1 in the morning.  Carol normally dresses great for her TV appearances and a splash of bright colour is great for us all to see in the gloomy mornings at the moment.  Click on the photo below for more details or to buy the Diva Mayfair dress or to view Cargoclothing’s full range of Diva dresses please click here:

Carol looked great in this blue and black Diva dress this morning on Breakfast.

Breakfast TV weather girl Carol Kirkwood in Diva dress

BBC Breakfast Carole Kirkwood wears Diva dress presenting weather.

Carole wore the Diva Lydia dress in orange and navy today while telling us hoe miserable the British weather us.  The BBC breakfast presenter looked great in her new diva dress,

Diva Lydia contrast dress

Carol Kirkwood wears Diva dress on BBC1 Breakfast weather

Click on the image above to view the dress at, we can’t find an image of Carol wearing the dress but as soon as I do I will post it in the blog.